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Dec 5, 2013 12:00pm EST
pictures where the picture is the story. yemenbomb destroyed a defense ministry complex. it was followed by a raid on the facility. the attack left 25 people dead and 70 wounded. in florida, more than 40 pilot whales are stranded in shallow water. they are beaching themselves in the everglades national park. rescuers are using small boats to try to push them to deeper water, where they stand eight greater chance of survival. protesters in ukraine raised a flag as a show of defiance against the government. protests and rallies have been staged in the last week when the president abruptly decided not to sign a trade deal with the european union. critics believe that they will strengthen ties with russia and dead. china is asserting itself on all fronts. they are redefining their defensive airspace. their warning citizens against excessive pollution than expanding the use of bitcoin. the digital currency has been soaring in value, getting more than 8000%. more brief time, it was valuable than gold. are we in a double? alan greenspan think so. >> you have to stretch your imagination to infer
Dec 9, 2013 12:00pm EST
fake. it is his job to stand up and tell the truth. when he says we can raise spending for defense back to the or domestic, level that is evidence we're going in the wrong direction. >> that has to hurt. he was president reagan's top budget man. they're supposed to be in ryan's corner. stockman says going back on the sequestration is a load of, you decide. >> it is a washington beltway lie that we cannot live it with a six hundred billion of outlays for defense. 50% more than we had in 2000. we had no new industrial in the 200s with us since then billion more than bill kenton -- bill clinton left in today's real dollars. >> can you get behind a deal that comes out of the stocks? a total joke. i hope at least 70 people would understand if they do not get at entitlement reform it is going .o be far worse later the republicans would be right to reject this a deal. >> there's plenty more where that came from. he calls janet yellen the architect of said disaster and says this is dangerous. you can watch online at we are off to wall street and an exclusive look insid
Dec 4, 2013 9:00pm EST
was over china's new defense zone that is owned over him and that both japan and china claim to own. biden did not comment on the islands after the first meeting, but said that the chinese leader was candid and constructive. the two are set to meet later today. and a hong kong, look at pollution set to -- at toxic levels. an aging fleet of diesel buses and trucks combined with sunny, dry weather has caused pollution to spike in recent days in the city. speaking of smog, here is a building that eats it. in mexico city, this building can effectively consume the amount of smog produced by 1000 cars per day. it is how a city that was once the world's most polluted is cleaning itself up. ? >> in the city, online retail giant that post move from its headquarters to the center of town. it actually enjoyed something of a renaissance, creating a whole new community in the process. bloomberg checked it out. >> las vegas, always the town where fortunes are won and lost, but few are actually made here. >> to hear that we are moving to vegas is shocking to many people. they are like, why? >> he spent h
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3